Filtron - Best Cold Brew Coffee

Filtron - Best Cold Brew Coffee

There are many best options you can use to make cold coffee, one of them is by using Filtron's Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer. We've watched the best cold brew coffee maker there and tried many different ways of brewing you can do at home. We also made an analysis using a sample of 200 cups of concentrated coffee
Best Cold Brew Coffee

From all the ways we've done in this analysis, we've made the choice on Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer, this is the best way to enjoy a good iced coffee at home, you can prove it. In the experiments we've done, it's easier to use but a bit inconvenient when it's served. The results you get are better compared to other ways, where the resulting acid content is more balanced, clean and the aroma is delicious enough to feel.

Another benefit you get: the cost of making a cup of coffee is cheaper than all the ways we have tried
Our testing process. We enacted several people and presented six samples to experts in the field of coffee, then they assessed the sample in terms of taste, coffee concentration and its acidity. Then we also tested the level of difficulty in making cold coffee drinks, what difficulties were found during the manufacturing process, this test followed the instructions and noted other difficulties as in the case of treatment.

In this trial, we use AA Kenya Trader - Joe coffee, this coffee is very popular and the price is also affordable. This type of coffee will taste better if mixed with the taste of chocolate, without the taste of chocolate you can still enjoy this iced coffee and stay well with low acidity levels.

At a later stage, we performed a taste test
At this stage, we use another coffee bean and put it in each new place in this experiment. To get the best results we can use Joe Bean Mexico Chiapas, you must know that these coffee beans is the best. After that, we select six people to taste, among them there are fans of coffee/nerd, professional coffee, and regular cold drink drinkers. Everyone gets a chance to try all the samples we've prepared. Step by step we follow every available beverage instruction, the comparison of water to our coffee beans do in different ways.

At this stage each person we give six cups of cold drinks and one of them we give coffee Trader Joe, no one who knows the taste in each cup of coffee and we do not announce it, so we get a different response from them. Everyone who participated in the trial gave a free assessment of each sample, Score given on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of taste, concentration, and acidity. At the last stage, we ask for a quantitative not a qualitative assessment of the acidity not how much they like it. Everyone who follows this trial gives us water to neutralize the taste so that they can compare the taste of coffee according to their own taste.

In this trial there is no other ice that prepared along with the sample, this we do so that the coffee that we offer is not experiencing dilution. After they sampled each of the sampling cups, we asked them to choose which one they liked best and why they liked the choice.

His decision
We established Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer, as the best choice based on this trial, although making cold coffee this way looks more complex the results you get are better than others
The results of these trials, those who took part in the trial decided to prefer cold coffees from Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer. Although this way is much more difficult to use and the treatment also needs more effort.

However, the level of concentration resulting from this cold coffee making is low, better than other coffee makers in our trial. Perhaps this is the reason cool coffee makers like Blue Bottle and Stumptown and other coffee shops use this method. Although the design of Filtron does not look stylish when compared with white Toddy or OXO nodes, with a black colorable to cover coffee stains.

More delicious flavor
Those who took part in the trial preferred Filtron's coffee taste than the OXO maker because the concentrate it produced was denser although the design was better than our preferred coffee maker OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker could be your other choice if you cannot get a choice according to our suggestion in this trial. How to use the OXO Model is easier and faster than any other way in this trial

The design is quite simple and easy to use
In this experiment we get dense coffee results compared to other cold coffees we make from our coffee makers. This model is more simple and easy to save even you do not need to replace the commonly used filter paper. In terms of price is more expensive than Filtron, you can consider using the OXO brewer if you choose the design and ease of storing in the kitchen.

Another way we use is to use French press coffee maker.
By using the French press, you can make a good iced coffee. But you have to try many ways to get the recipe to your taste and you have to go the extra mile to filter the coffee grounds to get cleaner results. The treatment you need to do for this coffee maker is quite complicated, you have to unpack it first, then you can clean the filter thoroughly.

Recipes you can use from Kitchen, America's Test Kitchen, and The Coffee Compas, you can also get recipes from local coffee shop owners, such as making a 34-ounce coffee concentrate on the French Bodum press. In the first trial, we used Trader Joe coffee beans and produced the highest concentration and the most delicious flavors.

In the second test, we used the best beans with the same part of Joe Bean, but the people who took the test did not like it, the score given was only 3.5 out of 10 in every way we did. They have a reason, the resulting coffee taste tastes like a cold restaurant coffee that makes tea extraction drinks. You can create your own experiment if you have a French press and you can get a taste of your taste You can try different compositions from coffee beans to water and then filter using paper filters or cotton cloth.

Add enough water
If you are not a cold brew coffee addict, or you are a regular drinker, you can choose this best cold brew coffee maker to make ice coffee, easy and simple Because it is designed for people like you.

Bad And Best Way To Brew Coffee

Five of the best ways you can try to enjoy coffee when you are at home, perfect for you who are coffee addicts

For coffee addicts, of course, have tried various ways of brewing coffee when they are at home, making their own coffee according to taste for them is quite easy to do. They can make a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy it. Various ways you can try to enjoy coffee every time, you must have your own way to make it, you can try the way that is below and you will find something unique, almost no one thinks it can brew coffee properly and different way

Have you ever thought of getting a better taste and benefit every time you drink coffee? You can drink organic coffee, you must think the price is expensive; in fact; this coffee is still cheaper than you buy in retail stores. Why you should drink organic coffee, this coffee has a better taste than regular coffee, it feels genuine.
bad and best way to brew coffee

We do not need to discuss other things like coffee and cream cups because everyone already knows it. You should know, fatty cream coffee is not good for health because it has substance chemicals that are not good for the body. If you already know it, you should avoid and do not consume too much cream in the coffee you want to drink. Coffee cream is delicious but for the sake of health you should try to avoid it, you can certainly do it.

Maybe, you already know how to brew good coffee when you are at home?
The various ways you do, you will get your tastes and benefits in the way you use to brew coffee. Here is some important information, of course, you will decide which way is best and suitable for you. If you prefer your own way, there is no harm if you know other ways to make a good and useful coffee.

If you already know all the ways, you can save valuable time to make delicious coffee
1. The worst way, if you enjoy coffee at home by using instant coffee, this is the worst way you ever do, you should avoid because it is not good for health
Why ? For coffee addicts, instant coffee is the fastest way you can use to make coffee, but it is not good for your health and the taste you get is different. The only batch of coffee liqueur we can use to make instant coffee instantly. At present, Instant Organic Coffee is only found in certain places that provide food or other organic beverages, this coffee has a better benefit than the regular instant coffee available in stores. Therefore, making coffee with instant coffee is not the best way to brew coffee. By using an instant way like this you do not brew the coffee properly
Perhaps this information is not enough, but some people claim that instant coffee is drinking every day can have an impact that is not good for health than organic coffee, healthier and avoid chemicals

2. Various cold drinks like French press
As the name suggests of course how to make this coffee using cold water. This method is quite popular, we can make coffee using cold water and already many people do it. This coffee is suitable for those of you who like cold drinks; just make iced coffee this way. If you want to make a cold brew coffee that has a delicious flavor, you need a long time of about 12 hours. A long process like that will produce a cup of coffee with a taste better than the instant way. This cold coffee is not only drunk with cold water but you can also enjoy it with hot water and different flavors, you can try it.
If you still want to make cold coffee by brewing hot water, useless
There is a very simple way, if you do not want to wait for 12 hours to enjoy a cold drink coffee, just use the ice to speed up the process. I prefer cold drinks stored in Mason jars, we can save a few moments and enjoy at a certain moment. If you want to enjoy a cold drink, you should use a clean jar and filter. Use the filter, then pour slowly cold water, after that cover the jar all night at room temperature or about 12 hours. Then store in the refrigerator, if you want to speed up the process of making this cold drink coffee, You should do this way at night so you can rest and enjoy it in the morning

3. Automatic drop machine
Americans have the best way to make brewed coffee, and they have the automatic coffee maker in each of their homes, for them to drink coffee is a habit. Quality coffee brewed on this coffee maker is pretty good and I also love the taste. You think the taste of coffee produced from this coffee maker affects the quality but the price is not a problem because I do not use machines with a more expensive price.
The most important thing for me is the taste, whatever type of automatic droplet you use and the price does not matter. For me, the machine can make a cup of coffee with a good taste, it is more possible . With this machine, you can set when the right time to make coffee, such as when you wake up in the morning and enjoy coffee before doing routine activities. Whatever drops machine used to make a cup of coffee all produce the same flavor, depending on the coffee beans you use.
This automatic drip machine is the solution for those of you who do not want to waste time making coffee, just enjoy it in one way. The taste of quality coffee from the automatic drop process begins with the choice of the correct coffee beans, the use of clean water and a clean filter. Therefore, you should always clean the filter. You can use white vinegar for engine maintenance to keep the engine clean and quality. If you really want a better taste, you should consider a machine that does not use a paper filter as its filter. This paper filter affects the resulting flavor

4. Another way you can try to enjoy brewed coffee is with French press, this way is no longer popular, almost everyone is no longer using this way, the reason is too much work you have to do to get a cup of coffee
And if you want to learn it, this way can actually be faster, you just take about 5 minutes to make coffee. If you want to make your own French press at home, you need this French press coffee maker. The way is easy, you just need to include your favorite coffee beans and add hot water then leave for 5 minutes. After that, you can pour it into the cup and enjoy it.

5. The best way to brew coffee at home I've ever done or when camping, we can use a coffee percolator
Brewing coffee this way is known as coffee camp or some call it a cowboy coffee. you will surely love it, the taste of coffee produced is better than the coffee produced in a previous way. You can use a stove, but in ancient times, if we want to make coffee can use an open fire. Making a coffee percolator is quite easy; just add water and a few tablespoons of coffee into the container. Then heat the container until it boils and you will smell the typical coffee smell.

Tunggu beberapa saat hingga mendidih atau Anda bisa melihat cairan tumpah dari wadah. Kemudian atur kompor ke medium sampai pengaturan rendah dan biarkan sekitar 12 menit, setelah itu Anda bisa menuangkannya ke dalam cangkir dan menikmati kopi Anda. Begitulah yang telah saya lakukan dan pecandu kopi, inilah cara terbaik untuk menyeduh kopi di rumah.

Maybe you have another way, you think better of this way, of course, you also have to know how you reuse the coffee you have made it.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee French press, Step By Step

How to make cold brew coffee by using french press

Cold brew coffee is more delicious served in a cold. Several branded products are selling their products in bottles and ready-to-eat cartons; you can enjoy it anytime in a cold state. Even today's modern café provides both press and nitro drinks in cold conditions.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee French pressPreviously we conveyed about this favorite coffee be served during the warm season but enjoy a cold drink this summer has its own reasons and different sensations. One of them, drinks served cold in different seasons will taste better and different sensations when mixed with cream and sugar instead of serving it only in other iced coffees. You may have other reasons, or maybe you have friends who just love a little extra milk as a sweetener in coffee, whatever the reason we would expect a taste that fits our desires.

It can also be a good solution to improve the taste of coffee by re-brewing and served in a cool state, of course with the addition to our tastes whether it is cream, milk or sugar
But the most important thing is actually serving cold drinks is quite easy to do by anyone. And here's the easiest way that might be used to serve your favorite coffee. Additional information you need to know that cold drinks served in batches of coffee is very good and can last a few days (It answers the old dilemma "how to make delicious coffee?")

Making a delicious coffee with a cold brew is the best way to ever exist and easy to do. If you want to get a better taste, use the Kyoto Yama droplets. But to get a machine like this, you have to spend a considerable amount of money and will need more space, so you need to find other alternatives that are cheaper and as expected. To make a delicious cold drink you may already have everything you need, this is good news.

Without the need for the long explanation again the following instructions on
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee French Press.

Whatever do you need?
Delicious taste typical of this cold brew coffee will be more pronounced if added a sweet taste. What else if added with chocolate and caramel taste. This material is quite easy we get usually from friends and partners who are in Greenway coffee and Rwanda Dukunde Kawa. If you want to make cold coffee try using French press is very good
Among the existing tools in the market is large enough and has enough capacity to produce a liter of cold drinking, some of them use special systems such as built-in filtration.

The market price of French press machines available at the store is quite expensive and not as expected, We need to consider what kind of machine to use, such as Bodum could be the best choice, we can use this tool as an alternative. Standard value - we need to set a comparison standard, usually, we use a special standard coffee acacia. Burr grinder milling machine - the most important thing in the process of making coffee brewing is a grinding machine and of course, there are other important things to watch out for.

To get a taste of this delicious coffee depends on the extraction results where the particle size is enough to affect the result. To get perfect extraction particles and a bite in expectation, we need the best burr grinding machine. There are many types of home grinding machines that we can use to do this process, but Baratza is one of the best choices we can use.

Here are the steps we need to do between them.

Grinding stage.
The delicious coffee flavor depends on the recipe we use; the ratio of water mixture in cold brew coffee commonly used is 7:1. This means that every coffee we will make then we will need as much as 140 grams of coffee for each mix of one liter of water. Therefore we need 70 grams of coffee grinder

Stage mixing water
We need 500 ml of waters. Good water for this extraction process is clean water filtration results but if you using another way by water faucet is also enough and you need to brew first

Stirring stage
At this stage, we only need to mix until all the ingredients are well mixed. Use special glasses like French glasses and wooden spoons; this is to avoid breaking glass.

The next stage is quite quiet for a while
The most boring thing about making this cold drink is to keep it quiet for a while. Specific treatment of this staged enough to stand for 12 hours at room temperature. You can also store in the refrigerator for some time to shorten the process so you can drink each time or when awakened in the morning.

Presentation stage
Here's how to present cold brew coffee French press. This stage is quite difficult because we must keep the mixture, do it slowly pushes the plunger down. Usually, the coffee powder that has been in brewed for 12 hours will be very volatile and will cause the remaining waste.

Then move slowly to another container
If you live in the Kentucky area you would prefer to use a masonry container. We can drink the coffee with a better taste, cleaner than the pulp and feels sweet by filtering it by using a clean filter, therefore need to keep the cup and filter cleaner if necessary first wash before re-use. We need to do it to avoid the rest of the coffee and get into the cup through the French press filters because of the lack of attention to the cleanliness of the filtering tools we use.

The last stage of time to enjoy your drink.
This is the stage we are most looking forward to, i.e. enjoying your cold drink. Once you know how to make a cold brew coffee use French press, of course, there is a feeling of excitement in itself that you can get from the results of your own business without the need to order instant at the store. Not necessarily we think the coffee provided matches according to our taste.

Four Italian Coffee Brands That You Must Try

Four Italian coffee brands that you must try

Revisiting the article from Rudy Caretti, a businessman who has experienced very long time in the field of coffee industry and started it since living in Italy by running a family-owned business. Beginning began his invention Gimoka Coffee UK when he gathered with his friend who has the same interests and expertise in the field of coffee.

He fell in love when he first started trying to make his first coffee seed as a teenager. He has tried various ways of processing coffee seeds and creating different flavors that are distinctive, different and tasty as they are today.

Four Italian coffee brands that you must try
Rudy, as a person who loves coffee he realizes the importance of coffee's role in influencing one's social life. He also enjoys socializing through social media and even his personal blog

Many of his experiences are shared to his readers about the experience of making coffee brew techniques. Its readers are around the world and are always waiting for their latest articles, they realize the importance of coffee productivity because it can help them care and participate in protecting rights and protecting the environment

The best coffee in the world is always following the standards of coffee making in Italy, even Italy is known as the best coffee house especially espresso, you must know it's espresso coffee if not try it

If you have ever tried Italian-made coffee, you must know the quality Italian brands and tastes delicious such as Illy, Lavazza, Kimbo and there are other brands that you should try.

Some Italian coffee brands has been through various experiments and a long experiment even some have entered the world market and become the best coffee today
There are some of the best brands of Italian coffee in the market that you may have never enjoyed, perhaps because it is not sold in local stores for example or the price is quite expensive but you should try it once so you know the quality that has been recognized as the world's best coffee

One of the most popular coffee names in the coffee world is Café Molinari, the best Italian espresso coffee

This coffee is very famous as a premium coffee and became the main supplier for households, hotels, and restaurants since a long time, since 1805 until now.
To get the best quality Italian coffee you cannot master it but it takes experience and special skills

There are five types of good quality espresso blends on Coffee Bar Line. You can also get a great experience instantly tasting the conventional Molinari coffee here
Premium coffee contains Robusta beans and Arabica beans make Coffee Molinari as a premium brand that has an innovative blend

There is also a nice food menu available there such as Coco Delice, it feels very good, you used to enjoy it by drinking or chewing. There is a premium-quality drink you must try, just a cup of tea, you will get a very rich, soft, and aromatic coffee, try Molinari coffee capsules, the incredible taste of coffee

To make coffee like that of course they should be able to use Nespresso coffee machines like Essenza, Pixie, Citiz and even Lavazza A Modo
In 1948 there was a history of a family-owned toaster quite famous for Café Passalacqua

This café is located in Naples Italy, this family business has its history starting from a small bakery that at present only able to produce as much as 5 kgs
The company has grown to date and has a factory area of 5000 square meters and even its production capacity has increased drastically to 3460 kgs of coffee per hour from initially only 5 kgs

You can get these Neapolitan coffee caps easily and even spread all over the world
The mixes they use are very well known amongst the true Neapolitan, coffee cream and decaf

The quality of this Neapolitan mixed coffee is a superior product of Passalacqua, which is amazing and well-liked by many people in the world not just in Italy
They provide various packaging products and many products of choice that you can have as souvenirs, home users, and even bars

For professionals and home-based there is another high-quality coffee selected as the main supplier of Segafredo Zanetti

This product develops in the local Italian market initially, with their growing ability and capability in making competing and quality products in the international market and making them the world's best espresso producer

In fact, they have sold 50 million cups of espresso a day and have many clients scattered around the world, a remarkable achievement
This is driven by their desire to realize their dreams to "spread the taste, culture, and methods of real Italian espresso preparation around the world."
Segafredo Zanetti has several different kinds of products to meet the needs of consumer tastes

Their products include mocha coffee, espresso or decaf coffee available to you. Products that you can choose according to your taste. Even you can also find beans and pods to suit your taste, these opportunities they use to meet your needs

They even provide capsules that you can use on domestic espresso machines such as Lattissima, Essenza, Maestria or Inissia
In 1982 located in Andalo Valtellino, Italy this is where the beginning of Gimoka Company stands. Starting from a small roasting house.

They use a mixture produced through a long process, starting from the selection of imported green beans directly from plantations located in South America, Africa, and the Far East even to Valtellina for roasting

They have a team of professionals who work excitedly in this company, each stage they do well to get the perfect roasting curves according to company standards
Therefore Gimoka is known as a symbol of the quality and tradition of Italy
Because from here began the taste, culture, and lifestyle of Italian environment-friendly, comfortable and affordable

Actually, Cuban Coffee Maker Is Same As A Regular Stove For An Espresso Coffee Maker

Actually, Cuban Coffee Maker Is Same As A Regular Stove For An Espresso Coffee Maker

When you make an espresso coffee with a regular stove you have actually used a Cuban coffee maker. This stove is very famous and has popularity in the world even in its native country of Italy. Especially produced espresso coffee is very tasty, even the price is cheap and its use is quite easy. This reason that they are favored by people even becomes mandatory for the people of Cuba. Surely you are wondering what makes this stovetop espresso maker known as a Cuban coffee maker.
Cuban Coffee Maker Is Same As A Regular Stove For An Espresso Coffee Maker

Here's how to create it
Before you brew coffee, add the raw sugar to the coffee spot is the first thing you want to do when making a cup of coffee. The distinctive taste of Cuban coffee is different from ordinary coffee this is because the sugar we add before brewing this coffee produces a light caramel. When you make Cuban coffee, sometimes you see foam floating in your drink, this foam is made from caramel sugar.

There are two ways you can choose when making a tasty Cuban coffee. The first technique like the way above you enter the sugar directly to the coffee place. Different from previous techniques on this second way when you want to make espresso coffee, you need to make pasta by mixing raw sugar on some coffee.

Once your pasta is ready, pour the rest of the espresso slowly over the past you have made to form brownish foam. If you want to brew coffee with an espresso machine should use the second way, another case if you use a stovetop espresso maker. Although there are some people who instantly add sugar to the portafilter. You can use an espresso stove top maker like Bialetti Moka Express

Tips for those of you who use Cuban coffee makers to get a sense of pleasure
Light the stove with a small to medium heat and heat your mocha panic
The brewing takes five to ten minutes
Put fresh ground coffee powder of your choice
You should grind the coffee is smoother than the coffee you use on the drip machine
And not too thin like powder
Put a mixture of coffee powder with raw sugar over the filter until full
You do not need to press the sugar coffee mixture

You simply brew coffee to heat without letting it boil on the stove or when you hear a rattling sound you should immediately remove the pan from the stove

If you want to get a taste of typical Cuban coffee you can use some of these beans to try like Pilon, La LLave or Bustelo. There is if the original Cuban coffee beans that you can find like La Estrella del Norte which tastes very tasty and distinctive. No need to bother if you cannot find one of these copies, you can use Colombian coffee as a replacement, it tastes good and the seeds are a bit dark

Making Cuban coffee with another style
Want to try to make your own coffee with your stove top coffee maker or your espresso machine? Some of the options you can try include:
Black coffee with sugar without additional milk or called Cafecito, a standard Cuban coffee drink
Otherwise known as "little coffee"
If you add milk to this cafecito called Cortadito or "small pieces", you simply add half a cafecito or half the milk to your glass. There is also a milk coffee or cafecito served side by side with a cup of steamed milk, this coffee is known as Café co leche. You can also mix it according to your taste. Traditional steamed milk also contains salt and butter; if you use it as a mixture it will give you a unique taste in your coffee.

There is also the term Colada, the cafecito is poured into a large cup and is available also glasses demitasse. This way is very nice presented to the crowd and looks more luxurious. You can choose any way you like, you can use a Cuban coffee maker to taste and enjoy your coffee slowly.

Making Cold Brew Coffee Made By Yourself : Simple And Tasty

Making Cold Brew Coffee Made By Yourself : Simple And Tasty

There are many things we need to know when we want to be making cold brew coffee
You can imagine, when you make cold coffee like making iced coffee using modern equipment, really cool
How to make cold coffee is not much different as we want to make regular hot coffee
Drinking coffee in a way that is a trend, but the benefits you get is much different, especially in terms of health
This coffee has been widely available in the store, has a variety of delicious taste and we can choose according to taste

Making Cold Brew Coffee Made By Yourself
If we want to make our own cold drink coffee, there are some things to watch out for

Water intake
When you pour hot coffee, do not ever do it directly, you should not pour hot coffee into a cup containing ice directly. It is not good to consume coffee like this. If you want to make cold coffee, use water, this is more possible. If you want to add ice to the cold coffee, it's up to you

Low acid levels
Coffee that has low levels of acid is more easily digested, this is better for health

Caffeine content
Cold coffee has high natural caffeine Because of the coffee we will be doing, the comparison between coffee beans and water is more than coffee brewed with hot water

Antioxidants contained
you should not brew coffee at high temperatures; this is not good because you will lose the benefits of the coffee. Antioxidants contained in coffee will be lost due to the brewing process at high temperatures. Chlorogenic acid contained in coffee is one of the antioxidants, therefore, when you drink cold coffee, you benefit more because it has a high concentration of antioxidants

Not only high temperatures that can degrade the antioxidants in coffee. Substances contained in coffee will also disappear if you roast the coffee beans and the amount lost is quite large. Coffee baked on the grill for a long time is not good for health, no benefits you get, no more antioxidants contained in the beans. Therefore, when you want to drink a cup of hot brewed coffee, the best choice is to choose a cold drink that does not contain too much aromatic oil

Making Cold brew coffee made by yourself

Making coffee like this is pretty easy, you do not need a professional barista and there is no different technique than making regular coffee. You can also make cold brew coffee itself like cold coffee available in coffee shop, you can enjoy it every morning.

You can also try this way or else according to taste
You have to prepare the ground coffee first, no need to grind it until smooth because it will only produce the rest of the dregs on the coffee and look bad. The traditional way of using cotton cloth and jars. You can use a jar or bowl to hold water.

Ready coffee to your taste and enough water
Grind coffee beans, prepare a cup of coffee beans and four cups of water. You can multiply it to 1.5 cups of coffee beans and 8 cups of water. When you want to make more coffee for your supplies, use a larger place. Then pour the coated coffee and water into the bowl or jar and put it into the refrigerator. You can also store in a cupboard with room temperature for 12 hours or leave it in the refrigerator all night. You can choose between the two, it's up to you. After passing the time, pour the coffee into a cup and use a coffee filter or a thin cotton cloth, enjoy your artificial coffee.

A modern way of using French press
This method seems luxurious, if you use this method, you do not need to waste your time and energy, just prepare ¾ cup coffee beans and 4 cups of water then input into French press. Then simply store in the refrigerator and leave overnight. Until the plunger looks taller. In the morning or after a few hours, you can enjoy it. You simply push the plunger down and pour the coffee into the cup. If you try this way, the key is patience, you should enjoy the process then you will also feel the pleasure. Prepare a big place, so you can store more of your own homemade coffee and you can enjoy it as much. You can make coffee with cold brew or arrow, whatever way you use both still have a good taste.

Once you know how to make coffee either cold or hot, you can become a coffee addict.

When is the right time for a cup of hot or cold coffee? If you already know it you will get different benefits and flavors

Have you ever made cold coffee before? What benefits do you have?