Actually, Cuban Coffee Maker Is Same As A Regular Stove For An Espresso Coffee Maker

Actually, Cuban Coffee Maker Is Same As A Regular Stove For An Espresso Coffee Maker

When you make an espresso coffee with a regular stove you have actually used a Cuban coffee maker. This stove is very famous and has popularity in the world even in its native country of Italy. Especially produced espresso coffee is very tasty, even the price is cheap and its use is quite easy. This reason that they are favored by people even becomes mandatory for the people of Cuba. Surely you are wondering what makes this stovetop espresso maker known as a Cuban coffee maker.
Cuban Coffee Maker Is Same As A Regular Stove For An Espresso Coffee Maker

Here's how to create it
Before you brew coffee, add the raw sugar to the coffee spot is the first thing you want to do when making a cup of coffee. The distinctive taste of Cuban coffee is different from ordinary coffee this is because the sugar we add before brewing this coffee produces a light caramel. When you make Cuban coffee, sometimes you see foam floating in your drink, this foam is made from caramel sugar.

There are two ways you can choose when making a tasty Cuban coffee. The first technique like the way above you enter the sugar directly to the coffee place. Different from previous techniques on this second way when you want to make espresso coffee, you need to make pasta by mixing raw sugar on some coffee.

Once your pasta is ready, pour the rest of the espresso slowly over the past you have made to form brownish foam. If you want to brew coffee with an espresso machine should use the second way, another case if you use a stovetop espresso maker. Although there are some people who instantly add sugar to the portafilter. You can use an espresso stove top maker like Bialetti Moka Express

Tips for those of you who use Cuban coffee makers to get a sense of pleasure
Light the stove with a small to medium heat and heat your mocha panic
The brewing takes five to ten minutes
Put fresh ground coffee powder of your choice
You should grind the coffee is smoother than the coffee you use on the drip machine
And not too thin like powder
Put a mixture of coffee powder with raw sugar over the filter until full
You do not need to press the sugar coffee mixture

You simply brew coffee to heat without letting it boil on the stove or when you hear a rattling sound you should immediately remove the pan from the stove

If you want to get a taste of typical Cuban coffee you can use some of these beans to try like Pilon, La LLave or Bustelo. There is if the original Cuban coffee beans that you can find like La Estrella del Norte which tastes very tasty and distinctive. No need to bother if you cannot find one of these copies, you can use Colombian coffee as a replacement, it tastes good and the seeds are a bit dark

Making Cuban coffee with another style
Want to try to make your own coffee with your stove top coffee maker or your espresso machine? Some of the options you can try include:
Black coffee with sugar without additional milk or called Cafecito, a standard Cuban coffee drink
Otherwise known as "little coffee"
If you add milk to this cafecito called Cortadito or "small pieces", you simply add half a cafecito or half the milk to your glass. There is also a milk coffee or cafecito served side by side with a cup of steamed milk, this coffee is known as Café co leche. You can also mix it according to your taste. Traditional steamed milk also contains salt and butter; if you use it as a mixture it will give you a unique taste in your coffee.

There is also the term Colada, the cafecito is poured into a large cup and is available also glasses demitasse. This way is very nice presented to the crowd and looks more luxurious. You can choose any way you like, you can use a Cuban coffee maker to taste and enjoy your coffee slowly.

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