Filtron - Best Cold Brew Coffee

Filtron - Best Cold Brew Coffee

There are many best options you can use to make cold coffee, one of them is by using Filtron's Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer. We've watched the best cold brew coffee maker there and tried many different ways of brewing you can do at home. We also made an analysis using a sample of 200 cups of concentrated coffee
Best Cold Brew Coffee

From all the ways we've done in this analysis, we've made the choice on Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer, this is the best way to enjoy a good iced coffee at home, you can prove it. In the experiments we've done, it's easier to use but a bit inconvenient when it's served. The results you get are better compared to other ways, where the resulting acid content is more balanced, clean and the aroma is delicious enough to feel.

Another benefit you get: the cost of making a cup of coffee is cheaper than all the ways we have tried
Our testing process. We enacted several people and presented six samples to experts in the field of coffee, then they assessed the sample in terms of taste, coffee concentration and its acidity. Then we also tested the level of difficulty in making cold coffee drinks, what difficulties were found during the manufacturing process, this test followed the instructions and noted other difficulties as in the case of treatment.

In this trial, we use AA Kenya Trader - Joe coffee, this coffee is very popular and the price is also affordable. This type of coffee will taste better if mixed with the taste of chocolate, without the taste of chocolate you can still enjoy this iced coffee and stay well with low acidity levels.

At a later stage, we performed a taste test
At this stage, we use another coffee bean and put it in each new place in this experiment. To get the best results we can use Joe Bean Mexico Chiapas, you must know that these coffee beans is the best. After that, we select six people to taste, among them there are fans of coffee/nerd, professional coffee, and regular cold drink drinkers. Everyone gets a chance to try all the samples we've prepared. Step by step we follow every available beverage instruction, the comparison of water to our coffee beans do in different ways.

At this stage each person we give six cups of cold drinks and one of them we give coffee Trader Joe, no one who knows the taste in each cup of coffee and we do not announce it, so we get a different response from them. Everyone who participated in the trial gave a free assessment of each sample, Score given on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of taste, concentration, and acidity. At the last stage, we ask for a quantitative not a qualitative assessment of the acidity not how much they like it. Everyone who follows this trial gives us water to neutralize the taste so that they can compare the taste of coffee according to their own taste.

In this trial there is no other ice that prepared along with the sample, this we do so that the coffee that we offer is not experiencing dilution. After they sampled each of the sampling cups, we asked them to choose which one they liked best and why they liked the choice.

His decision
We established Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer, as the best choice based on this trial, although making cold coffee this way looks more complex the results you get are better than others
The results of these trials, those who took part in the trial decided to prefer cold coffees from Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer. Although this way is much more difficult to use and the treatment also needs more effort.

However, the level of concentration resulting from this cold coffee making is low, better than other coffee makers in our trial. Perhaps this is the reason cool coffee makers like Blue Bottle and Stumptown and other coffee shops use this method. Although the design of Filtron does not look stylish when compared with white Toddy or OXO nodes, with a black colorable to cover coffee stains.

More delicious flavor
Those who took part in the trial preferred Filtron's coffee taste than the OXO maker because the concentrate it produced was denser although the design was better than our preferred coffee maker OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker could be your other choice if you cannot get a choice according to our suggestion in this trial. How to use the OXO Model is easier and faster than any other way in this trial

The design is quite simple and easy to use
In this experiment we get dense coffee results compared to other cold coffees we make from our coffee makers. This model is more simple and easy to save even you do not need to replace the commonly used filter paper. In terms of price is more expensive than Filtron, you can consider using the OXO brewer if you choose the design and ease of storing in the kitchen.

Another way we use is to use French press coffee maker.
By using the French press, you can make a good iced coffee. But you have to try many ways to get the recipe to your taste and you have to go the extra mile to filter the coffee grounds to get cleaner results. The treatment you need to do for this coffee maker is quite complicated, you have to unpack it first, then you can clean the filter thoroughly.

Recipes you can use from Kitchen, America's Test Kitchen, and The Coffee Compas, you can also get recipes from local coffee shop owners, such as making a 34-ounce coffee concentrate on the French Bodum press. In the first trial, we used Trader Joe coffee beans and produced the highest concentration and the most delicious flavors.

In the second test, we used the best beans with the same part of Joe Bean, but the people who took the test did not like it, the score given was only 3.5 out of 10 in every way we did. They have a reason, the resulting coffee taste tastes like a cold restaurant coffee that makes tea extraction drinks. You can create your own experiment if you have a French press and you can get a taste of your taste You can try different compositions from coffee beans to water and then filter using paper filters or cotton cloth.

Add enough water
If you are not a cold brew coffee addict, or you are a regular drinker, you can choose this best cold brew coffee maker to make ice coffee, easy and simple Because it is designed for people like you.

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