How To Make Cold Brew Coffee French press, Step By Step

How to make cold brew coffee by using french press

Cold brew coffee is more delicious served in a cold. Several branded products are selling their products in bottles and ready-to-eat cartons; you can enjoy it anytime in a cold state. Even today's modern café provides both press and nitro drinks in cold conditions.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee French pressPreviously we conveyed about this favorite coffee be served during the warm season but enjoy a cold drink this summer has its own reasons and different sensations. One of them, drinks served cold in different seasons will taste better and different sensations when mixed with cream and sugar instead of serving it only in other iced coffees. You may have other reasons, or maybe you have friends who just love a little extra milk as a sweetener in coffee, whatever the reason we would expect a taste that fits our desires.

It can also be a good solution to improve the taste of coffee by re-brewing and served in a cool state, of course with the addition to our tastes whether it is cream, milk or sugar
But the most important thing is actually serving cold drinks is quite easy to do by anyone. And here's the easiest way that might be used to serve your favorite coffee. Additional information you need to know that cold drinks served in batches of coffee is very good and can last a few days (It answers the old dilemma "how to make delicious coffee?")

Making a delicious coffee with a cold brew is the best way to ever exist and easy to do. If you want to get a better taste, use the Kyoto Yama droplets. But to get a machine like this, you have to spend a considerable amount of money and will need more space, so you need to find other alternatives that are cheaper and as expected. To make a delicious cold drink you may already have everything you need, this is good news.

Without the need for the long explanation again the following instructions on
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee French Press.

Whatever do you need?
Delicious taste typical of this cold brew coffee will be more pronounced if added a sweet taste. What else if added with chocolate and caramel taste. This material is quite easy we get usually from friends and partners who are in Greenway coffee and Rwanda Dukunde Kawa. If you want to make cold coffee try using French press is very good
Among the existing tools in the market is large enough and has enough capacity to produce a liter of cold drinking, some of them use special systems such as built-in filtration.

The market price of French press machines available at the store is quite expensive and not as expected, We need to consider what kind of machine to use, such as Bodum could be the best choice, we can use this tool as an alternative. Standard value - we need to set a comparison standard, usually, we use a special standard coffee acacia. Burr grinder milling machine - the most important thing in the process of making coffee brewing is a grinding machine and of course, there are other important things to watch out for.

To get a taste of this delicious coffee depends on the extraction results where the particle size is enough to affect the result. To get perfect extraction particles and a bite in expectation, we need the best burr grinding machine. There are many types of home grinding machines that we can use to do this process, but Baratza is one of the best choices we can use.

Here are the steps we need to do between them.

Grinding stage.
The delicious coffee flavor depends on the recipe we use; the ratio of water mixture in cold brew coffee commonly used is 7:1. This means that every coffee we will make then we will need as much as 140 grams of coffee for each mix of one liter of water. Therefore we need 70 grams of coffee grinder

Stage mixing water
We need 500 ml of waters. Good water for this extraction process is clean water filtration results but if you using another way by water faucet is also enough and you need to brew first

Stirring stage
At this stage, we only need to mix until all the ingredients are well mixed. Use special glasses like French glasses and wooden spoons; this is to avoid breaking glass.

The next stage is quite quiet for a while
The most boring thing about making this cold drink is to keep it quiet for a while. Specific treatment of this staged enough to stand for 12 hours at room temperature. You can also store in the refrigerator for some time to shorten the process so you can drink each time or when awakened in the morning.

Presentation stage
Here's how to present cold brew coffee French press. This stage is quite difficult because we must keep the mixture, do it slowly pushes the plunger down. Usually, the coffee powder that has been in brewed for 12 hours will be very volatile and will cause the remaining waste.

Then move slowly to another container
If you live in the Kentucky area you would prefer to use a masonry container. We can drink the coffee with a better taste, cleaner than the pulp and feels sweet by filtering it by using a clean filter, therefore need to keep the cup and filter cleaner if necessary first wash before re-use. We need to do it to avoid the rest of the coffee and get into the cup through the French press filters because of the lack of attention to the cleanliness of the filtering tools we use.

The last stage of time to enjoy your drink.
This is the stage we are most looking forward to, i.e. enjoying your cold drink. Once you know how to make a cold brew coffee use French press, of course, there is a feeling of excitement in itself that you can get from the results of your own business without the need to order instant at the store. Not necessarily we think the coffee provided matches according to our taste.

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