Making Cold Brew Coffee Made By Yourself : Simple And Tasty

Making Cold Brew Coffee Made By Yourself : Simple And Tasty

There are many things we need to know when we want to be making cold brew coffee
You can imagine, when you make cold coffee like making iced coffee using modern equipment, really cool
How to make cold coffee is not much different as we want to make regular hot coffee
Drinking coffee in a way that is a trend, but the benefits you get is much different, especially in terms of health
This coffee has been widely available in the store, has a variety of delicious taste and we can choose according to taste

Making Cold Brew Coffee Made By Yourself
If we want to make our own cold drink coffee, there are some things to watch out for

Water intake
When you pour hot coffee, do not ever do it directly, you should not pour hot coffee into a cup containing ice directly. It is not good to consume coffee like this. If you want to make cold coffee, use water, this is more possible. If you want to add ice to the cold coffee, it's up to you

Low acid levels
Coffee that has low levels of acid is more easily digested, this is better for health

Caffeine content
Cold coffee has high natural caffeine Because of the coffee we will be doing, the comparison between coffee beans and water is more than coffee brewed with hot water

Antioxidants contained
you should not brew coffee at high temperatures; this is not good because you will lose the benefits of the coffee. Antioxidants contained in coffee will be lost due to the brewing process at high temperatures. Chlorogenic acid contained in coffee is one of the antioxidants, therefore, when you drink cold coffee, you benefit more because it has a high concentration of antioxidants

Not only high temperatures that can degrade the antioxidants in coffee. Substances contained in coffee will also disappear if you roast the coffee beans and the amount lost is quite large. Coffee baked on the grill for a long time is not good for health, no benefits you get, no more antioxidants contained in the beans. Therefore, when you want to drink a cup of hot brewed coffee, the best choice is to choose a cold drink that does not contain too much aromatic oil

Making Cold brew coffee made by yourself

Making coffee like this is pretty easy, you do not need a professional barista and there is no different technique than making regular coffee. You can also make cold brew coffee itself like cold coffee available in coffee shop, you can enjoy it every morning.

You can also try this way or else according to taste
You have to prepare the ground coffee first, no need to grind it until smooth because it will only produce the rest of the dregs on the coffee and look bad. The traditional way of using cotton cloth and jars. You can use a jar or bowl to hold water.

Ready coffee to your taste and enough water
Grind coffee beans, prepare a cup of coffee beans and four cups of water. You can multiply it to 1.5 cups of coffee beans and 8 cups of water. When you want to make more coffee for your supplies, use a larger place. Then pour the coated coffee and water into the bowl or jar and put it into the refrigerator. You can also store in a cupboard with room temperature for 12 hours or leave it in the refrigerator all night. You can choose between the two, it's up to you. After passing the time, pour the coffee into a cup and use a coffee filter or a thin cotton cloth, enjoy your artificial coffee.

A modern way of using French press
This method seems luxurious, if you use this method, you do not need to waste your time and energy, just prepare ¾ cup coffee beans and 4 cups of water then input into French press. Then simply store in the refrigerator and leave overnight. Until the plunger looks taller. In the morning or after a few hours, you can enjoy it. You simply push the plunger down and pour the coffee into the cup. If you try this way, the key is patience, you should enjoy the process then you will also feel the pleasure. Prepare a big place, so you can store more of your own homemade coffee and you can enjoy it as much. You can make coffee with cold brew or arrow, whatever way you use both still have a good taste.

Once you know how to make coffee either cold or hot, you can become a coffee addict.

When is the right time for a cup of hot or cold coffee? If you already know it you will get different benefits and flavors

Have you ever made cold coffee before? What benefits do you have?

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